The seasons project comes from the hearts of people who strive to praise and seek God through anything and everything.

-Julia Paiva (Lead Vocals & Keys)
Fountain of Life Worship

In 2014, at the Apostolic Conference that happens once a year, the Apostle César Augusto, the founder of the Fountain of Life Apostolic Church, received a dream and vision during one of the last services of the conference as the Holy Spirit moved in the congregation. Apostle César prayed over the younger generation at the conference and declared a new season over them. Many of the younger generation have taken hold of this blessing and anointing that was declared over them and accepted the calling from God in their lives. This younger generation are rising and under God’s direction have turned a dream into reality through the release of [ seasons ], the debut album of the Fountain of Life Worship Collective.

Under the Apostle César’s direction and covering Worship Pastors Douglas and Jordana Apolinario from the Orlando church were tasked with spearheading this initiative. They have brought together musicians and worshippers from all the Fountain of Life churches across the United States who now make up the Fountain of Life Worship. 

This collective of musicians and worshippers have united in one mind, one heart and one purpose: “To live a life of worship and share God’s love through their music to this generation and the ones to come.”

The Fountain of Life logo portrays the presence of God, expressed by the dove, coming down upon those who seek Him in the form of a hands lifted high. When the church worships, the Spirit comes, that is what Fountain of Life Worship truly believes.

In the past three years, our church has experienced a spiritual shift and a desire to be unified as one team. This feeling has started to grow stronger and was ever more visible every time people came to the conference to worship together. The collective includes individuals from the Fountain of Life churches in Orlando, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta and Miami, and has brought this new level of unity between them.

The Fountain of Life Worship is made up of people who truly have a commitment to the Kingdom of God and the Church, whose hearts burn to serve, leaders, pioneers, seeking and worshipping God without gimmicks.

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